Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley











Park Langley 2 February 2009












Park Langley 5 February 2012



Our subscription year begins in April this year and your membership secretary will be delighted to tick off all those members who pay by standing order.

For those who don't, please send your £5 subscription with your details to the Membership Secretary, 113 Wickham Way, Beckenham, BR3 3AP.

The £5 is well worth it - it plants trees and flowers, it enables the committee to meet in St Peter's Hall, who in turn look after Park Langley from pavements to street cleaning.


Our paid membership for each year usually ends up around 800 households out of a total of 1000 properties. This represents eighty percent membership and there cannot be many Resident Associations that can boast of this support.  The Committee thanks all those who have joined and especially those who pay their subscriptions by standing order - the sum of £5 once a year in April.  The membership secretary has a time consuming task of writing to all those who want to join but forget to send their cheque.


With internet banking now quite common, why not set up a standing order for £5 from your iPad?

Bank details on the Home page.