Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley



Shortlands Ward which includes Park Langley has a very large number of elderly people living here. Bromley Trading Standards are very aware of elderly people being targeted by rogue traders who usually offer property repairs.


If you have a neighbour or anybody you know having work done that seems suspicious, then please call Bromley Trading Standards Rapid Response Team on 07903 852090.


Even if it is nothing, they will check it out.


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The 352 Bus service now runs on a Sunday.


For the timetable click here.

The Residents' Association produces a newsletter twice a year - Spring and Autumn, 16 pages, printed black on yellow paper.

This Spring the newsletter has not been printed due to the CORVID circumstances. It is however available online here.

To fill 16 pages with interesting news about Park Langley is usually quite difficult. We like to live in a quiet area and so there is not much news about. Historical stories, bonfires and such mundane topics can be very boring.

What we have tried to do is include interesting stories from our residents. With a thousand properties, there must be a wealth of lifetime experiences.

If you have a story then please let us know. There will be no reference to your name or where you live - just the story.

That would be very helpful!

Sunday 6th April 2008

Winter in Park Langley