Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley

Neighbourhood Watch has become a sub committee of the Residents' Association, providing input to the committee at its monthly meetings. It also meets on its own to discuss matters and initiatives relating to the Park Langley area. 

From DWO PCSO Adam Charles:

Dear Residents

Please find below the crime record for the period to 14 March 2019. 

Fortunately there’s been no burglaries although there has been two attempted burglaries.   

Unfortunately Shortlands and surrounding areas have seen a spate of thefts from motor vehicles recently.  If you see any suspicious vehicles and/or persons acting suspiciously around vehicles, then please call 999 if you believe they are in the process of committing a crime. 

If you think later that something you saw didn’t appear right then please call either 101, the team number shown below or email us. 

On a few occasions, people have stopped people from entering their vehicles and no damage has been caused.  If this does happen please call 999 as this is a good opportunity to catch suspects.  By going to your vehicle and attempting to enter it they’ve committed a crime.  If they’re on your driveway and run off as a result of being disturbed before attempting entry then also call 999 as even though they haven’t committed an offence at that point the chances are they will try somewhere else nearby. 

If officers can stop and search them they may be able to arrest them for going equipped to steal; if they don’t find anything, hopefully knowing that police are in the area will deter them. 

If any of you have any gardeners, builders or other workmen please let them know about our tool marking scheme and we’ll be very happy to come round and mark their tools.


Shortlands Crime Record 16/01/19- 04/02/19

Residential Burglary

08/01/19- 19/01/19.  The Glen.  Suspect(s) smashed glass in rear kitchen door.  A large amount of money & jewellery were stolen.
Attempted Burglary-:
21/01/19.  Early evening.  Aylesbury Road.  Suspects attempted to force open front door of house
Theft from Motor Vehicle-:
22/01/19.  Early afternoon.  Wickham Way.  Suspect forced open door of van and stole several tools.
02/01/19- 29/01/19.  Westmoreland Road.  Money stolen from vehicle left on driveway while victim was on holiday
Theft of Motor Vehicle-:
22/01/19- 23/01/19.  Overnight offence.  Wickham Way.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.
Vehicle Interference-:
25/01/19.  Mid morning.  Hayes Way.  Suspects attempted to break into two gardener’s vans by trying to push through the rear windows on one and breaking a door lock on the other.
29/01/19 Mid evening- 30/01/19 Mid evening.  Brabourne Rise.  Passer by spotted victim’s door open
Attempted Robbery-:
30/01/19.  Mid morning.  Kingswood Avenue.  Victim left engine running and vehicle open when he rushed back indoors to get something.  Found suspect sitting in driver’s seat.  Victim jumped into passenger seat attempting to force suspect out of car.  Suspect started engine and in the ensuing struggle crashed vehicle into garden wall.  Suspect then fled in another vehicle.
Criminal Damage-:
03/02/19 Early evening- 04/02/19 Early afternoon.  Whitecroft Way.  2 side fence panels damaged.
Criminal Damage to Motor Vehicle-: 04/02/19.  Late morning.  Westmoreland Road.  Swear words scratched into paintwork of vehicle outside parade of shops at junction with Pickhurst Lane.
Fraud-:30/01/19.  Mid morning.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Male knocked on victim’s door and said he had cleaned the guttering and it would cost £190 with an extra £85 if the victim couldn’t pay on the spot.  Victim paid the £190 but realised something wasn’t right and called police.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police team is in place to provide community policing.


PC Russell Edwards

PCSO Adam Charles


You can follow our PC Russell Edwards on Twitter:




Mobile no: 07920 233 848



All non emergency police calls, dial 101


Of course if it is serious, you still dial 999.