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Neighbourhood Watch has become a sub committee of the Residents' Association, providing input to the committee at its monthly meetings. It also meets on its own to discuss matters and initiatives relating to the Park Langley area. 

Crime report from our DWPCSO Adam Charles

Dear Residents

Please see below the crime record for the first part of October, 2018

Unfortunately the crime rate has been higher than usual over this period even though the crime rate still remains low compared to many other areas. 

Stay vigilant contact us by the appropriate means re crime and suspicious behaviour. 

Take note of items that have been stolen from vehicles and think about what you usually leave in your vehicle and whether it would be worth bringing certain items indoors. 

There also seems to have been more evening burglary than there has been during previous stints.  If you are out late on a regular basis it may be worth considering investing in timer switches now that it is getting dark much earlier.


I understand that this report is not the best news but Shortlands remains a safe place to live, visit and work.  We’ve had periods like this before and the crime levels have dropped again. 

As a Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) we monitor all crime and intelligence reports and calls made by members of the public on the ward looking for patterns and taking the appropriate action. 

Much of this is down to yourselves and other members of the public keeping us informed. 

With the SNT phone, online reporting and 101 you have a good range of options in non emergency situations.  If you would rather talk to someone in person the front office at Bromley Police Station is open 24/7 365 days a year. 

Thanks for all your help and support as always.  Take care.

Kind Regards


Adam CHARLES | PCSO 7572PY | Albemarle House SNT Base

Shortlands Dedicated Ward Officer

(Telephone - External: 02087212614 | ( Telephone - Radio: 405798
+ Mail: Albemarle House, Unit 3, Albemarle Road, Bromley, BR3 5LN


Shortlands Crime Record 01/10/18- 15/10/18

Attempted Burglary-:

02/10/18.  Mid morning- mid evening.  Woodlea Drive.  Suspect attempted to reach through letterbox them make hole in front door to reach into open door from inside.

06/10/18 Mid morning- 07/10/18 early evening.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Suspect(s) forced open locked side gate and then attempted to smash glass in back door with brick.  Fortunately they were unable to smash the glass so did not obtain access to house.

05/10/18.  Mid to late afternoon.  Durham Road.  Suspect(s) attempted to force front door open.

01/10/18- 07/10/18.  Malmains Way.  Suspect(s) unsuccessfully attempted to force open bathroom window and back door to gain access to house.

12/10/18.  Early evening.  Malmains Way.  Victim disturbed suspects on conservatory roof who fled.  They had already smashed an upstairs rear window but failed to gain access

Theft of Motor Vehicle-:
02/10/18.  Overnight.  Malmains Way.  Vehicle stolen from driveway.

04/10/18.  Late morning- early afternoon.  Shortlands Road.  Vehicle stolen from road where cleaner had parked closed to client’s driveway.


 05/10/18.  Late afternoon- early evening.  Wickham Way.  Suspect(s) climbed on to flat roof at rear of victim’s house and gained access by forcing open a bedroom window.  Untidy search of two bedrooms carried out.  A large amount of money and jewellery was stolen.

06/10/18.  Mid evening.  Hayes Way.  Suspect(s) used ladder found in back garden to climb up to bathroom window and force access.  Untidy search of bedrooms carried out.  Watch stolen.

09/10/17.  Overnight offence.  Durham Road.  Suspect(s) forced entry through rear door.  Car stolen from driveway.  Car keys, house keys, car seat and purse containing driving licence and credit cards stolen.

Theft from Motor Vehicle-:

11/10/18.  Overnight offence.  Malmains Way.  Suspect(s) obtained entry to vehicle without causing damage.  Satnav stolen.

10/10/18 Late afternoon- 11/10/18 early morning.  Malmains Way.  Suspect(s) obtained entry to vehicle without causing damage.  Money & sunglasses stolen.

10/10/18- 14/10/18.  Whitecroft Way.  Money stolen from vehicle parked on driveway.

14/10/18- 15/10/18.  Overnight offence.  Den Close.  Speaker & sunglasses stolen from vehicle parked outside victim’s house.

15/10/18- 16/10/18.  Overnight offence.  Wickham Way.  Dashboard camera & parcel shelf stolen from vehicle parked on victim’s drive.

Vehicle Interference-:

17/10/18- 18/10/18.  Overnight offence.  Wickham Way.  Driver’s window smashed.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police team is in place to provide community policing.


PC Russell Edwards

PCSO Adam Charles


You can follow our PC Russell Edwards on Twitter:




Mobile no: 07920 233 848



All non emergency police calls, dial 101


Of course if it is serious, you still dial 999.