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Neighbourhood Watch has become a sub committee of the Residents' Association, providing input to the committee at its monthly meetings. It also meets on its own to discuss matters and initiatives relating to the Park Langley area. 

July 2017


From DWO PCSO Adam Charles:

To all Shortlands Residents:

Dear Residents
Please see the crime record for the period to 31 July 2017 below. 
A slight rise in offences compared to previous fortnights. 
The majority occurred during one overnight period in Park Langley. 
A little bit of advice re the theft other offence near in Shortlands Road.  If you put your bag down next to you make sure you keep an eye on it.  I appreciate that it's easy to lose yourself in a book, newspaper or phone while waiting for public transport but don't become totally oblivious to your surroundings and what's happening around you. 
Please keep in contact via the appropriate communication regarding anything we need to know about and/or deal with.  We had a very good run of no burglaries prior to this fortnight.  Let's hope we see similar results over the next few weeks. 
Hope to see some of you at the meeting on Thursday.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Shortlands Crime Record 16/07/17- 31/07/17


Burglary Dwelling-:

1.  18/7/17- 19/7/17.  Overnight offence.  Bushey Way near junction with Malmains Way.  Shed broken into and 2 bicycles stolen.

2.  28/07/17.  Late evening.  Tootswood Road between junctions with Hayes Lane & Romanhurst Avenue


Attempted Burglary Dwelling-:

1.  19/07/17.  Overnight offence.  Malmains Way between Brabourne Rise and Bushey Way.  Suspect entered back garden via side of house and attempted to force garage door open.


Theft from Motor Vehicle-:

1.  18/7/17- 19/7/17.  Overnight offence.  Whitecroft Way.  Vehicle entered with no sign of damage.  Body warmer & small amount of cash stolen.

2.  18/7/17- 19/7/17.  Overnight offence.  Overhill Way.  Vehicle entered with no sign of forced entry.  Money, charity cards & purse stolen.


Motor Vehicle Interference-:

1.  18/7/17- 19/7/17.  Overnight offence.  Malmains Way.  Passenger door found slightly open.  Untidy search of vehicle carried out.


Other Theft-:

1.  21/7/17.  Late evening.  Shortlands Road.  Wheelie case stolen while victim was waiting at bus stop.  Case was on ground next to victim who took her eye off it while either reading paper or looking at phone

The Safer Neighbourhood Police team is in place to provide community policing.


PC Russell Edwards

PCSO Adam Charles


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