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To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley

Neighbourhood Watch has become a sub committee of the Residents' Association, providing input to the committee at its monthly meetings. It also meets on its own to discuss matters and initiatives relating to the Park Langley area. 

APRIL 2018


From DWO PCSO Adam Charles:

To all Shortlands Residents:

Shortlands Crime Record 01/04/18- 15/04/18


Cycle Theft-:

 1.  03/04/18 Early evening- 04/04/18 early morning.  Tootswood Road.  Bicycle stolen from porch.


Residential Burglary-:

 1.  31/03/18 Early afternoon- 04/04/18 mid afternoon.  Green Close.  Back doors of unoccupied property forced open.  Draws and cupboards which were mostly empty searched throughout property.

 2.  07/04/17 early evening- 08/04/17 early evening.  Queen Anne Avenue.  Suspect(s) gained access by forcing back doors open.  Untidy search carried out.  Unsure what has been stolen has occupants are currently away.  Discovered by neighbour.

 3.  10/04/18 Mid morning- early evening.  Hayes Lane.  Suspect(s) entered premises by smashing rear patio door.  Following untidy search of bedroom a small box of jewellery was stolen.


Theft from Motor Vehicle-:

 1.  04/04/18 Mid morning to late afternoon.  Durham Avenue.  Number plates stolen from vehicle.

 2.  07/04/18 Early evening to 08/04/18 mid morning.  Malmains Way.  CDs stolen from vehicle parked overnight on driveway.  No sign of damage or forced entry.


Criminal Damage to Motor Vehicle-:

 1.  31/03/18-03/04/18.  Hillside Road.  Side of vehicle scratched



 1.  15/03/18 (not reported until this month).  Hayes Way.  Elderly couple tricked into giving bank details over the phone and handing cards to courier.  Received a phone call from a male who asked if they had made a payment to Amazon.  When they said no they were told there had been a fraud on their account and were put through to an automated system to enter their bank details.  A courier came and collected their cards.  Large amounts of money were taken some of which has been recovered.  Contacted bank shortly afterwards to cancel cards but unfortunately did not call the police until several weeks later.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police team is in place to provide community policing.


PC Russell Edwards

PCSO Adam Charles


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