Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley

Welcome to the website of the Park Langley Residents' Association.


The Association operates to promote and protect the interests of the resident's of Park Langley.

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August 2016


Please see the latest Shortlands Police report here.


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A cat was recently killed in Elwill Way. The police inform us that it might be the notorious Cat Murderer from Croydon.

Please take note of your cat's whereabouts.


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Road works are taking place in Hayes Lane reulting in the road being closed at the traffic lights. Diverted traffic is using Elwill Way and Wickham Way to reach the Chinese roundabout. Traffic volumes have dramatically increased. The Association is monitoring the situation.


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West Wickham Safer Neighbourhood Team tell us they will be targeting speeding mororists down Barnfield Wood Road (part of West Wickham Ward).


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Residents have complained about smokey summer bonfires. Bonfires at the best of times are a nuisance. Please try to avoid them. Compost your waste or use Bromley's Waste Collection Service. It costs £60 a year and details are here.

The Association applauds residents who have planted and maintained the tree pits around our Park Langley estate.


Your efforts are greatly appreciated.