Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley

Welcome to the website of the Park Langley Residents' Association.


The Association operates to promote and protect the interests of the resident's of Park Langley.

Our email contact is:


Our membership fee is £5 per annum and for that you get an active Association working hard to keep Park Langley clean and green.

Many of our residents pay by bank standing order which we are grateful for. For those who do not, wht not use the QR code below?:











If you are more comfortable with a Standing Order:

Our bank details are as follows:

NatWest Beckenham

60 02 12

1426 5885

Please write your name, house number and road in the reference line.

Also please send us an email with your names as we would like to know you better than just a surname in a reference line.

July 2024.


Letters have been hand delivered to those residents who have not become members and paid their £5 Subscription for the year.

Please become a member. The PLRA works hard to maintain Park Langley spacious, green and clean. Your £5 is well worth it.

Please use the QR Code!

Thank you.


The Association's Annual General Meeting was held at 8pm on the 14th May in St Peters Hall, Malmains Way.

Some 20 residents attended and the business set out on the agenda on the back page of the 2024 Spring Newsletter was duly completed.


Bromley Highways have agreed to update the traffic flow at the Chinese Roundabout. The details of the scheme are here. There is no indication when work will begin.


The Association thanks all those who continue their annual £5 membership by paying their standing order on 1st April.

Thank you.

In case you don't pay by SO, please consider using the QR code!


The Park Langley Residents' Association strongly maintains no political affiliation.


There have been several reports of dog walkers dropping their bags in tree pits and people's hedges. You have done the hard work in picking it up - PLEASE take it home and dispose of it properly!


The Committee have decided to continue with the paid for plan to hire a contractor to dig over and tidy up tree pits. It would really be community spirited if residents continued the good work of maintaining them through the season.


A ULEZ camera has been installed in Wickham Way at the Chinese Garage roundabout.


On tins and plastic recycling days, please remember to rinse out food containers for recycling. Foxes have a habit of pulling out tasty containers and spreading them about.


The Lawnmower Shed on St Dunstans Lane had an application for improvements refused by Bromley Planning Department.

This is subject to an appeal and all details can be read here.


The Association has hired a contractor to clear and maintain over a hundred street tree pits in Park Langley. Bushey Way has been chosen as a pilot to see if this will be successful. Work has been completed and residents have been encouraged to maintain the pits. The plan would be for us to create a 'Bee Corridor' with each pit planted with flowers rich in pollen to encourage bio diversity.
We have subsequently won a grant from Veolia to enhance this Bee Corridor. Hopefully it will become an enthusiastic enterprise for residents which will later be extended to other roads in Park Langley.
Details and futher links are available here.
Langley Annex Ltd have applied for a liquor licence and the application has been heard. The decision made is that liquor can be served until 6pm.


Park Langley Litter Pickers (PLLP)

Consider joining the Litter Pickers. Our litter never seems to end - there is always more to pick up. Who knows where it comes from but your help in keeping it under control is invaluable.

Gill and Bob Clegg


The Association held a well attended social event at St Peters Hall to thank all those residents of Park Langley who give up their time freely to help the Association.

Those who deliver our Newsletter.

Our Litter Pickers.

Our Snow Friends.

Our Street Friends.

Thanks to them all.