Park Langley Residents' Association

To promote and protect the interests of the residents of Park Langley

Welcome to the website of the Park Langley Residents' Association.


The Association operates to promote and protect the interests of the resident's of Park Langley.

Our email contact is:


New Residents


The Association welcomes new Park Langley resisdents. We would like you to become members of our Association and join the 800 or so other households who are members.

The membership fee is £5 per year and we would appreciate payment by standing order. Our bank details are as follows:

NatWest Beckenham

60 02 12


Please write your name, house number and road in the reference line.

Also please send us an email with your names as we would like to know you better than just a surname in a reference line.

November 2021


The PLRA Autumn Newsletter will be delivered in the first few weeks of November.


Thames Water will be working along Hayes Lane for 16 weeks. The traffic lights have caused a knock on effect in Hayes Way and Wickham Way. The traffic has noticeably increased along these roads.


Flytipping in St Dunstans Lane. See below:


Roadworks at the Chinese Garage end of Wickham Way are to improve the safety at the corner. Since the speed caution sign has been operating, there has not been a serious accident. We hope these works will further improve safety.


Burglary and car theft is on the increase in Sortlands and Park Langley.

Please take extra care in locking your house, garden shed and car.

Don't become a victim of crime. It is very unpleasant.


Several residents of Shortlands Ward have complained about e scooters. They are silent, move at some speed and the riders are not always responsible.

Until the Government makes up its mind, to operate an e scooters on the road or pavement is illegal in Bromley.

The Shortlands Local Neighbourhood Police take a somewhat forgiving approach to these scooters. The Police Panel have asked for a sterner approach to be taken.

If you feel threatened by an e scooter, then please report it online or phone 101.


We pride Park Langley as being Clean and Green. Please maintain the standard by looking after your waste and recycling bins. Put them out on the correct day and then take them in to keep the street scene as pleasant as possible.


There is a mobile phone number error printed in the Spring Newsletter.

The Shortlands Ward local Police Team mobile is

07920 33848

Park Langley Litter Pickers (PLLP)

Consider joining the Litter Pickers. Our litter never seems to end - there is always more to pick up. Who knows where it comes from but your help in keeping it under control is invaluable.

Gill and Bob Clegg


Our residents are grateful to those who pick up litter from the streets of Park Langley.

Wind and rain cannot stop them.






















Bags of litter collected in one afternoon
























29 September 2021


If you see anything suspicious in St Dunstans Lane (like a van looking for a place to flytip) then please take the registration number.

If you see it happening, then dial 999 - a crime is being committed.